That which needful is

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Man shall not live by bread alone,

But by every Word of the Lord;

For bread may sometimes turn to stone

While succour comes just from the Word.

Bread is only of earthly use –

Though after it some men may lust

And thus with it their soul abuse,

For bread with time must turn to dust.

The Word that from the Lord may come

Abides with us eternally,

And is just what will lead us home

When we depart hence finally.

Heaven and earth will pass away

Along with all the bread in them,

Whereas the Word cannot decay

Since forever more It’s the same.

Bread only serves a transient cause –

To keep as one body and soul –

But should be taken not by us

As what must then our lives control.

We should not then to bread attend

Nor fuss and fight because of it,

For nought’s our gain should we offend

Our fellow men because of meat.

Let us recall our life does not

Consist of merely meat or drink

And that what’s earthly’s not our lot

As they will all decay and stink.

Let’s turn to that which needful is –

The Word that lasts forever more –

So when our life on earth should cease

We then to Paradise may soar.

  • Victor Emmanuel Uwah, Poems From Without, 1997

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