Detoxification: Herbal Remedies To The Rescue

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By Kayode Oseni

There is so much talk about detoxification methods and gadgets these days that it looks as if the body is totally helpless in carrying out this very important self cleansing function.

The truth is that our bodies are loaded with enormous toxins in this modern age as a result of our wrong lifestyles, especially wrong diets through junk foods. For the majority, the body is grossly overwhelmed with accumulated toxins which are not supposed to be retained within the body.

It has now become expedient for the body organs to be assisted in effectively carrying out their detoxification functions by using certain combinations of Herbal Remedies.

I shall present some of such remedies as applicable to each of the organs of detoxification in the body.

The detoxification processes in the body are carried out by six different organs.

Here are the six main organs of detoxification in the body, and the specific Herbal Remedies recommended for strengthening them.

The liver has a wide range of functions, including detoxification, protein synthesis, and production of
biochemicals necessary for digestion. This organ
plays a major role in metabolism and has a number
of functions in the body, including filtering the
blood and producing enzymes to destroy toxins
that come from our food, water and the air. The
liver prepares these toxins so the body can expel
them through urine or your bile. If your liver is
overloaded, it slows down its function and thus
contributes to toxins being accumulated in your blood. A
detox plan will aim to reduce your liver’s load, so it
performs at its best.

Recommended Herbal Remedy:
Our well packaged combined Bitter Leaves and Scent Leaves, room-dried, powdered,and encapsulated is very good for LIVER Detox.

The intestines are where digested food passes
through and from where nutrients are absorbed.
They also balance the good and bad bacteria,
helping the body to digest better and produce
natural antibiotics (probiotics) to break down toxins. If you
have an unhealthy diet, you may weaken/ damage your
digestive process so that the digested food
remains in your gut and your body may reabsorb
the putrefying products and toxins. A good detox plan will improve your digestive process and maintain a normal gut flora.

Recommended Herbal Remedies:
✓ Occasional use of our COLON CLEANSER powder as means of helping the colon get rid of accumulated toxins is a good practice.
✓ Regular usage of our WONDER BITTERS is also a good Gut Detox method.

The kidneys are essential in the urinary system.
They serve the body as a natural filter of the blood,
and remove wastes which are diverted to the
urinary bladder. In producing urine, the kidneys
excrete wastes such as urea and ammonium. A
detox plan will help with these processes and
relieves the pressure on your kidneys.

Recommended Detox Herbal Remedies:
✓KIDNEY DETOX powder is a combination of herbs specific for strengthening the kidneys.Using it occasionally is a good detox practice.
✓ DETOX-BOOSTER Mixture is another combination of herbs like whole lemon,aloe vera, garlic, Turmeric, etc, which is very good as a detox mixture.

The lungs are the essential respiration organs in
our body. Their principal function is to transport
oxygen from the atmosphere into the bloodstream,
and to release carbon dioxide from the
bloodstream into the atmosphere. We may breathe in 
toxins in the air through our lungs, but the lungs
are also able to expel toxins. We can breath deeply
and fully exhale to maximize the cleansing effect.

Recommended Detox Herbal Remedy :
✓ Using our Activated Turmeric powder as steam inhalation is a good. Detox for the lungs.
✓Regular use of the Activated Turmeric capsules is also highly recommended.

sweating is the production of fluids and electrolytes secreted by the
sweat glands in the our skin. Sweating not only
allows the body to regulate its temperature, but
also provides detoxification by expelling toxins
through sweat. A detox program will help in the
long term beauty plan to achieve a healthy glowing

Recommended Detox Herbal Remedy:
Occasional body scrub with Activated Turmeric and also as face mask is a good Detox practice.


The lymphs are part of our immune system. The
lymphs contain white blood cells that pick up
bacteria or other toxins from the body’s cells and
bring them to lymph nodes where they are
destroyed. The lymph moves around the body by
breathing and muscle contraction, so breathing
and mild exercise, especially regular walking helps it to work.

Recommended Detox:
✓Soaking the feet in our Himalayan Pink Seasalt
✓Using the complete body massager.

Note: All the recommended Herbal Remedies are available at Alayo Health & Wellness Centre.

Dr Kayode Oseni is the Chief Consultant, Alayo Health & Wellness Centre, Adatan, Car Wash, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Phone: 08034170747; Whatsapp: 08092472767

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