Is life vanity upon vanity?

Spiritual Activism

By Samueli

To encourage humility in us, many essays go overboard to paint a very pessimistic view of what happens after death. I read one of such posts that said: “A Former President Of United States had this to say, Hear him: When I think of the depth of the grave and the pounds of sand that will be thrown at us, no need to harm my brother. When I think of the darkness that will invade the grave after closing, no need to hurt my sister.” Etc.

The statements here would have been meaningful if man was only the physical body. However, man is much more than the physical body he wears when he sojourns on earth. His core is spirit! Life continues and each soul will receive the reward of how they have lived while on earth.  The physical body is what faces decay and not the soul which really continues to live in a better place if it lived in accordance with the Will of the Almighty whilst he lived on earth. A soul who has lived a life of disobedience will however find itself in dark regions of the beyond.

Some of the essays I referred to above also end by saying that all life on earth is vanity, vanity upon vanity! Is this true?

There is no one whose existence on earth is without purpose unless he makes his life purposeless! The purpose of life on earth is simple. We are here to learn the Laws of God, live in accordance with them and mature thereby!

This knowledge of the Laws of God is not acquired by swallowing some religious dogma but the whole of Creation speaks the Language of God; and we have a duty to learn this so tat we can grow and have a life that is blissful, happy and peaceful even whilst still here on earth.

May we live a life of service and humility and live in a manner pleasing to our Maker!

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