The Poet's Corner

By Malcolm Little Black

If we can’t live together as humans, what then are we?

And if I be not my brother’s keeper, then I’m no better than a flea;

If my worth is tied to my skin color, then what does your color makes you?

No one can see the beauty of the people from a pedestal hanging askew…

If billions could go into armoury, while a human child dies of starvation,

If this is called civilization, then of what good it is without humanization?

In this weapons of mass destruction where we pinched our trust,

Nothing but dews of insanity have fallen upon us..

If I be a Christian, and you a Muslim,

Then let the holy writs usher us into the religion of Chri-Slam;

What is the Bible and the Koran without the Golden Rule?

If you’re still a fanatic, then you’re the modern goon…

If the plight of Africans means nothing to the Americans,

Let the Americans know humanity is incomplete without the Africans;

If a Japanese is not bothered about the state of Hawaii,

Then the love that we preach is nothing but a beautiful lie…

If I am considered less human just because I’m an African,

How much fit shall I attain before I’m ranked equal with an Asian?

The falsification of African history, how long shall it last?

How sweet is this human melody without Africa’s glorious past?

If I’m judged by my tribe or race, but not by my ability,

And I do the same to the next man, then where is my humanity?

If racism, tribalism, ethnicity, are allowed to poison the human mind,

The spectre they bred forever shall haunt mankind…

If vain self glory could scale above togetherness in this hollow,

Then it’s time to learn the secret behind the success of buffalos;

If it takes war to buy peace, then that peace could come at a high price,

Victory is short of glory if it costs a human life…

We are all humans, and let nothing tears us apart,

It doesn’t matter whether you’re white, yellow, brown or black;

It is not in the color of the skin, but in the color of the blood,

It’s individual energy turned synergy that could withstand the flood.

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