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  • Opeyemi Aminu, Taiwo Shodiya wed

By Banji Ayoola

Genuine love for one another, wisdom and patience were at the weekend listed among other key essentials which husbands especially should possess in rich abundance for them to build happy, harmonious and peaceful homes as foundation for a peaceful, happy and prosperous society, which swings in the Holy Will.

These were given by an Islamic cleric, Alfa Adeyemo AbdRafiu, who delivered the sermon at the wedding ceremony of Miss Opeyemi Shukurat Aminu and Mr. Taiwo Yusuf Shodiya, in Iwo, Osun State.

Indeed, it was like a festive occasion where the couple was joined together and pronounced husband and wife at a Nikkah ceremony which drew a large gathering from far and near.

The expansive See-Bee Hotel and Event Center along Iwo–Ibadan Road, venue of both the marriage solemnisation and reception ceremonies, spilled over with guests who listened attentively to the special sermon before they retired into the adjoining reception venue for the wining, dining and dancing session.

Posi Adeigbe was on the bandstands playing hit tunes that electrified the hall, and drew like magnet, the guests to the dancing floor. It was a dancing galore lasting several hours after which many of the guests retired into the bride’s parents’ home to continue the merriment far into the night.

Addressing the wife specifically, the cleric, who spoke in Yoruba, also listed firm trust in the Lord and His prophets, sense of shame, genuine respect for the husband, self control, cleanliness, restraining the temptation to flirt about, and proper dressing as major articles of faith that should guide her towards the right path in her marriage.

He described the husband as the ruler and governor of the home, who should apply wisdom and patience in his union with his wife saying: “Your wife and you are not from the same house. The tradition in their home is different from yours.

You need wisdom and patience. There must be individual differences. You should know that the wise and fools are usually in the same class under the same teacher. When your wife offends you, you use wisdom and patience. Your wife’s parents have been living with one another through the husband’s wisdom.”

He cited an example from the earth-life of Prophet Mohammed, of how he used rare wisdom in governing his home, and in relating with his wives, such that he engendered harmony and peace among his wives and in his home.

Alfa AbdRafiu said: “Prophet Mohammed wisely arranged and ruled his home. We learn a lot from him.

When asked whom he loved most among his wives, the prophet gave Aishat fruit as sign that he loved her most; but he told her: ‘Don’t let others know.’

In the same way, he gave fruit to each of the other wives and told them: ‘Don’t let others know.’

Aishat saw that all of them were happy; and asked the prophet: ‘Who do you love most?  He answered: ‘Whoever I gave the fruit of tamaru.’ All of them were happy.

When your wife comes with her attitude, be wise.”

Turning to the bride, the cleric counseled: “There are six articles of faith. Fate, trust in the Lord and His prophets. There is fate. The sense of shame lies in your hands. Be careful. A wife who is wise keeps her husband’s secrets and property. During disagreements, she restrains her lips.

Any woman who does not respect her husband and his family is sowing wrong seeds for her children. You must respect and honour your husband.”

Again he cited a spiritual trip by Prophet Mohammed when he saw some women weeping in the beyond and his daughter Fatima, came in, saw her father weeping and asked in concern: “My father, why are you weeping?”

The cleric said: “The prophet replied that he saw many women in fire, and those whom they have hung. Fire was going in to them through their private parts and coming out from their mouths. Their heads have been transformed into those of pigs. Their body was like that of the horse.

She asked why. He said, about the women they hung, neither the Bible nor the Koran said that women should go about with head uncovered. Those were the women who go about with head uncovered.

The ones with fire entering through their private parts are those women who flirt about. Whoever is doing this should repent. So from now on, nobody else apart from your husband has right to you.

The woman whose tongue was hung used to curse her husband. The women with pigs’ heads and horses’ bodies are the filthy women; whereas Muslim women should not be dirty at all. Bathe properly after your periods, and after contacting anything dirty.

The husband is the head of the wife; and the Lord Who provides will provide for you two.”

The Chief Imam of Ileogo, Alfa Azeez Kabiru, performed the Nikkah ceremony and officiated the signing of the marriage certificateby parents of the new couple.

At the reception, the Chairman of the occasion, who is also the Chairman/Chief Executive of See-Bee Hotel and Event Center, Alhaji Sule Bello, thanked the Lord and prayed that He takes care of all the guests, and permits them all to enjoy the privilege of celebrating also like the Aminu and Shodiya families.

Expressing how she felt, the bride’s mother: Mrs. Fausat Ronke Aminu, brimming with palpable joy, told The Radiance: “Today happens to be the best in my life. It is as if I am the one wedding. So I am very excited. And I don’t even know how to express myself.

I am in short of words. I am very excited. I am highly impressed about the people who are here. I pray that the Lord Almighty will reward them; and each and every one of them will get to their destinations safe and sound in Allah’s Name.”

Also, the groom’s mother, Mrs. Yemisi Shodiya, said: I am very happy and I am grateful to the Lord for permitting this day to come about. This is one of my happiest days on earth. I thank all the guests who graced this occasion and I pray that they have journey mercies back to their various destinations.”

His father, Ahaji Shodiya said: “I feel happy; I feel good today. Today is one of my most joyful days in my life, to see one of my sons to have a marriage. I am happy today. I am so excited. My advice to the couple is that they should understand one another. If there is understanding, there would be no problem.

On his own, the bride’s father, who is the Publicity Secretary of Kuta United Front, KUF, Prince Mukaila Oladejo Aminu, popularly called ‘Best Man’ or ‘Baba Muko’ told The Radiance: “It was a beautiful day, very beautiful. It was anchored by Dr. Banji Ayoola, properly handled. It was a day I will never forget in my life.

My advice to the couple is that they should keep their home tidy, by not allowing the third party to interfere in the affairs of their family because allowing third party interfere in the affairs of the family leads to disaster. I wish the couple a fruitful and blessed marriage.”

Going emotional, Aminu said: “I want to appreciate the Lord Almighty in the lives of the people that are here today. I am just like an oba, in the sense that I have neither father nor mother. I happen to be the last born of my mother. All the senior ones have gone to the world beyond.

But I thank the Lord. I thought I am lonely. Today indicates that I still have many brothers and sisters, many relatives, friends and well wishers. They played a key and sensitive role in this matter. May the Lord bless them all. They would have safe trips back to their various destinations in Allah’s Name.”

Expressing his own feeling, KUF President, Engnr (Deacon) Adegboyega Adeniran, also in an interview with this newspaper, said: “It is wonderful. We really thank the Lord for the success of the wedding. It’s been so nice.

The Lord has given us a very good weather; and men and women wining and dining joyfully. To the Almighty Father be all Glory. It’s a very good day. My prayer is that as many of us as are looking up to the Lord for this kind of celebration, our time would come. We will celebrate.

A a wa l’aye; aa wa l’aaye ninu ola, ninu alaafia. Oju gbogbo wa l’o maa se. Ope ni fun Olorun Oba.” (We would all be alive hale and hearty, in abundance and prosperity. We give gratitude unto the Lord.)

Revd. Iwindoye said the opening prayer at the reception and thanked the Almighty Father deeply for the union and asked His special blessing for, and protection over the marriage, drawing lavishly from the Bible to pray for the couple and the guests..

Chief S.A. Aminu the, Oloriebi of the Aminu family of Kuta in Ayedire Local Government of Osun State, led his family members including Mr. Rufai Aminu (Omo Aje), to the occasion.

The Lawal Family of Kuta was heavily represented.

The Olowu of Kuta, Oba Hammed Adekunle Makama, Tegbosun 111, was represented at the occasion by the Moluberin of Kuta, Chief Tiamiyu Oyeleke.

Also in attendance were the Head of Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Ibadan, Prof Olatoye Ojo; Engnr Reginald Adeniran; Madam Funke Egbetola; Dr. Lekan Ayantunji; Mr. Kayode Akinboro; Mr. Folawe Alalade; Mr. Fatai Akande; Chairman, Ayedire Local Government, Otunba Mukaila Oladejo; Mr. Remi Asimiyu and Mr. Banjo Gbolagun.

There were  the member representing Ayiwola Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Alhaji Yunusa Amobi; a House of Representatives aspirant into the constituency seat, Mr. Lateef Ajani;  Jagun of Kuta, Chief Kilani Akintayo; and Chief Segun Adeigbe.

Also, there were KUF Secretary, Mr. Adesoye Ajani; Hon Sunday Oyayeye; Mr. Semiu Adelani Adeniran; Mr. Musbau Alalade; Mr. Alidu Salimonu; Mr. Sunday Iwindoye; Mr. Sunmoila Akinrinola; and Mr Nakib Taiwo Raheem.

There were Mr. Afiz Alimi; Mr. Zacheus Akinola; Mr. Wole Olaitan; Mr. Lere Taiwo; Mr. Boye Ojediran; Engnr Adegboyega Adeniran and wife Mrs. Bisi Adeniran; Mr. Femi Babatola and wife Mrs. Omolade Babatola; Mr. Damilola Egbetola and wife Mrs. Kehinde Egbetola; and Dr. Banji Ayoola and wife Mrs. Bosede Ayoola, among many others.

The Staff of United Methodist Middle School, Iwo and those of Islahudeen Middle School, Oke Afo, Iwo; Agbowo Women’s Forum; Luther King’s College, Ile-ogbo 1982 Set and all the Federal Housing Estate Family, Iwo, were also in attendance.

The following clubs from Kuta: Socialite Club; Patriotic Club; Youths Association; and National United Forum Iwo branch were heavily represented. Egbe Itesiwaju Iwo led by its President Mr. Isiaka Akande, with members wearing a yellow uniform, came in full. There was also the staff of the Special SchoolIkoyi.

Alhaji Shakiru Shodiya, the Oloriebi of the Shodiya family, led his family members all the way from Abeokuta in Ogun State.  There were Alhaji B. Oladipupo; Alhaji M. Akindele; Alhaji F. Salati; Alhaji Razak Ataoja; Alhaji Yekeen Usman; Alhaji Jamiu; Alhaji Hazzan Ajakaye; Alhaji Oso; Alhaji Bello; Alhaji Adewuyi; Alhaji Idowu Eja; Alhaji Ali Quadri; Alhaji Monsur; Alhaji Olonade; and Alhaji AbdMuiz.

Mr. Nakib Taiwo Raheem said the closing prayer, praying heartily for the wellbeing of the couple and their home as well as Divine protection and Love for all the guests; framing the event with rich verses from the Koran.

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