How can we live a fulfilling life?


By Sola Adeyegbe

In order to live a fulfilling life, we need to know our own true nature, who we really are, indeed our inherent abilities! Our real self is not our title, position or the amount of money we have in the bank. The power we get from titles, position or money are temporary. Relying solely on them means that we will lose our identity when we are stripped of these momentary things.

The inner core of man is spirit. If we become conscious of this then we can tap into the limitless Power of Creation which only our spirit can access. Our titles, earthly power, position and our money do not have this access.

Just like a lens gathers the power of the sun, our spirit through its instrument known as the intuition can collect the Power of Creation streaming through us and we can pass this Power on in concentrated form through our thoughts to achieve the most wonderful feats if that is our desire.

Another ability of the spirit is that it can attract like a magnet. In order not to attract just anything to itself in a wild confusion, man is also endowed with the ability to decide what it wishes to attract to itself.

In short, we have access to the ineffable Power of Creation, we can attract what we desire just like magnets and we have the ability to decide exactly what we wish to attract! Now that we have an idea of our spiritual abilities, in order to live a fulfilling life, we have to commit to a wise use of these abilities. How can we do this?

Let us start with exercising the power of silence. If, for instance, you seriously contemplate on a subject, this thought takes on form within you and as you stay with the thought it becomes strongly magnetic within you through the power of silence. It will then attract all that is similar, bear fruits by producing more useful thoughts and will even attract higher thoughts from the unseen world and this is what is well known as inspiration! You then only need to carry out by visible deeds what the inspiration has indicated in all diligence using the all-embracing Power of Creation.  

We can also make wise use of our spiritual abilities by continually meditating on the Word of Truth. This will sharpen our intuition, the sense of the spirit which guides us from deep within us. This of course leads us to the right actions at all times.

Let us also spend time in Nature. Let us not be far from the steams, the fields, the flowers and the trees. Let us be friendly with the birds and the animals. There is a lot to learn in the radiant beauty, effortless ease and harmony we find in Nature. We can key into these as we grow in our own spiritual nature.

Another way we can live a fulfilling life is to embrace the Law of the Power of Simplification. In Nature we find that birds do not struggle to fly, they just fly, the earth rotates effortlessly around the sun daily. We too can attain to a fulfilling life effortlessly when we leave alone the belief that life must be hard. The simple way for us is that we go through life joyfully, doing everything based on love and living in such a manner as to cause no harm to others in the pursuit of our personal desires. The Rule of living is as simple as that!

Success in life is attainable. Nothing comes to us that we have not invited. Let us therefore go forth courageously choosing at all times to do only what is good. As we wish it, so will it happen to us!   

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