Adunni Ade: People make me nervous

Nollywood actress and producer, Adunni Ade has revealed that she does not like being around people as they make her nervous.

The elegant brand ambassador also expressed her reservations about attending social functions.

The mother of two made this known on an Instagram live video with her colleague Kemi Korede recently.

On the Instagram live monitored by The Nation, Adunni said, “I don’t really like being around people so it is a personal thing for me, people make me nervous. They make me too nervous.”

Kemi Korede had thrown an open invitation to Adunni about her forthcoming birthday when she made the revelation of her reservations about social gatherings or functions.

Adunni recently celebrated her second son, Ayden’s 11th birthday with a lengthy post reassuring him of her love.

The Nation

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