Akeredolu worried by rising COVID-19 cases in Southwest

Ondo State

The increasing number of people in the South western part of Nigeria who test positive to the rampaging coronavirus infection disturbs Ondo State Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN.

Indeed, he expressed his worries on Monday in Akure the state capital at a briefing to announce the discharge of the COVID-19 index case in the state.

Cheerfully however, he disclosed that the index case, a military officer had tested negative twice for the virus.

In the governor’s words: “The first patient of the infection is now completely healed and free to go home, indeed free to resume his normal life in service to our country.

“He is a soldier who serves his fatherland and was diagnosed with the infection upon return to from an international assignment in India.

“This is a piece of good and inspiring news. It is evidence of our readiness, competence and determination to fight this pandemic and protect our people to our very best ability.

“There are two other cases undergoing the same intensive treatment and care. By the grace of God Almighty, they will be well also.”

Akeredolu was worried about the low level of compliance with directives on social distancing and interstate movement.

He said the compulsory wearing of nose masks by all residents in the state would begin on Friday.

He said: “To ensure that the mandatory wearing of mask in Ondo State is achieved fully and with sizeable success, I have directed a massive production of facemask for all our citizens.

“If we work together on these simple and easy instructions, we will defeat this mortal enemy of man at present. If we avoid shaking hands, sitting close to one another, hugging as well as other forms of social and physical contact that make it possible for the virus to be transmitted, we will save our own lives and the lives of our families and dear ones.

“We must continue to wash our hands regularly and thoroughly using water and soap and sanitizers where available.”

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