Beloved countrymen

By Victor Emmanuel Uwah

May God bless my beloved countrymen,

Those with goodwill and sincerity filled,

Who, even when ruled by the worst of men,

Still aspire to a great nation build.

May God strengthen these countrymen’s resolve

That no matter the problem we may face

With determination they’ll try to solve,

Not minding what the unpatriotic says.

May God reward these countrymen indeed

Who have learnt not to be despondent when

We are forced even from dustbins to feed,

Encouraging yet other fellow men.

May God help these countrymen of mine whose

Patience and resilience have tested been

By the hardship in the land but who choose

To be truthful that good at last may win.

May God help my countrymen who have peace

And to diverse promptings refuse to fall,

That their love for fellow men needn’t cease

–I love these my countrymen, one and all!

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