Beware of chatter

The Poet's Corner

By Ben Ezeohagwu

Beware of chatter
full of clatter
as a prattler
on a platter

Beware of matter
full of chatter
as a trapper
in a litter

Beware of chatter
full of tatter
in a wrapper
as a shatter

Beware of clapper
full of glitter
as a trigger
for a capper

Beware of lather
full of patter
as a plotter
in a totter.

Ezeohagwu is the first Black African Writer winner of Onigraffiks Prize for Literature (2017). He is Professor of Graphonomy and Chancellor, African American University, Porto-Novo, Republic of Benin, and can be reached at.
Email:; +234 81 731 755 40.

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