‘Children from low-income homes benefiting from Bridge’

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The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority, Mr Uche Orji, has said children from low-income homes now have access to quality education through the Bridge Schools.

A statement by the school said Orji noted that the literacy and numeracy level of the beneficiary kids had improved, adding that its investment in Bridge Schools, Nigeria, had provided access to quality education to children from indigent homes.

It also said Orji disclosed this while discussing the performance of Nigeria’s sovereign wealth fund in 2020 for the benefit of Nigerians.

“Our investment in Bridge Academies delivers quality education to children from low-income homes. This is a fantastic programme. The children are taught a world-class curriculum.

“The result has been stunning. The literacy and numeracy levels of the beneficiary kids have gone up. We believe that very soon we will start to make a profit from our investment in the project.” Orji added.

The statement explained that the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development independent report had earlier said there was equity of learning in Bridge schools, regardless of the child’s socioeconomic status.

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