Grailland: Haven of peace, spiritual refuge (Part 3)


By Oyeyinka Oludayisi Fabowale

A Trinket Box

Besides its picturesque landscape, another feature  which makes Grailland unique is the tolling of the Grail bells – done twice – early in the morning and in the evening. The haunting scintillating sound, which can be heard all over the sprawling community, is a reminder to residents to make their life and activities a worship of the Sovereign Creator by honouring His Divine Laws as they prepare for the day and on return at dusk, to review how they fared in adhering to  the admonition.

Listening to it each time sends one into sober meditation and arouses a palpable feeling of celestial bliss and humble gratitude for God’s incomprehensible Love and manifold blessings to me in particular and the world in general.

These are the gems earthed in this unapologetically obscure and secluded location some hopelessly drift looking for in glitzy urban resorts, but can enjoy in tranquil leisure on Grailland!

Since discovering the nectar in staying on Grailland outside the peak season, it has become my first and preferred destination, even though I have scores of friends, families and associates I can easily put up with in Lagos.

As a journalist and writer, I attest to its being a Muse, a sanctuary of peace and beauty where my kind and even artists can retire to, to draw inspiration for songs, writings and paintings, away from the stress and hyper-activity of the cities.

In its exotic and sedate bosom, home-bored Crossbearer-couples and families as well as business executives and professionals will also find a soothing home to relax and be physically, mentally and spiritually rejuvenated, away from their dull routine and gruelling schedule.

Grail, A Cult Or Myth?

However, the settlement is a place some would not be seen anywhere near due to the misperception that it is a ‘cult enclave’!

The fear is born of ignorance promoted by unscrupulous and mischievous people who feel menaced and are desperate to suppress public awareness of the transcendental and liberating knowledge of the Truth contained in the work, In The Light of Truth: The Grail Message: the pivot and raison d’etre of the Grail Movement.

The GM-N is formed by adherents of this epic work which offers unique, clear and satisfactory enlightenment about the Creator, Creation, religious creeds, destiny, free will and other mysteries of life and existence. It also contains profound revelations and spiritual principles which are sine qua non for ‘healthy’, happy and fulfilling life by man and for the new, ideal world order to ensue as ordained by God, after an ongoing judgement and purification of the world, the long-predicted World Judgment or End Time during which all men must align their volitions and deeds to conform with the Divine Will!

The adherents who have recognized its unique and immense value had acquired and developed Grailland since the 70s, as a Launchpad for spreading this beneficial knowledge to other Nigerians across the country.

Written by Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, a prolific German author of spiritual writings, under the pseudonym Abd-ru-shin (meaning ‘Son of the Light’), the Grail Message was introduced into Nigeria by one of Africa’s most astute and successful industrialists, banker and lawyer, the Late Chief Adeyemi Lawson, who encountered it while on an inter-continental trip covering Europe and North America in the 60s.

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The movement, which has Mr. Joseph Olusegun Ajanlekoko, a foremost player in the global construction industry and President of the Commonwealth Association of Surveying and Land Economy, (CASLE), a professional body of Quantity Surveyors in commonwealth countries, has satellites called Circles with Grail Centres nation-wide where they organize public lectures, conferences and distribute copies of the Grail Message which is in three volumes along with related publications to Truth-seeking members  of the public via the book trade, libraries and exhibitions.

The members are active in diverse spheres of public and business life with some occupying the top echelon of politics, business, security agencies, academia, health, diplomacy, media, the arts and culture.

Ikechukwu Unegbe, an adherent and member of the movement’s National Administrative Council, dismisses the accusation and cynical attitude towards the establishment, describing them as misplaced and baseless. He blames these on the fact that people tend to be wary of new knowledge which the Grail Message with its detailed and fresh insights and explanations about spiritual realities and happenings in creations, is considered to be. 

“Many have unspoken but sure eerie feelings about ‘spiritual matters’, which they often regard as ghostly and mysterious. So when you combine this peculiar mix, you then have the present attitude of doubts and accusations,” remarks Unegbe, a lawyer.

He, however, notes that while the reservation towards the Grail Message has hitherto largely been due to ignorance, its persistence, in face of mounting public information about the work in the public space must be blamed on the indolence and indifference of those who still manifest such attitude or claim ignorance.

So is red-herring by detractors, afraid to lose their superficial influence on their spiritually enslaved followers by their false teachings, he says!

“Any person who objectively examines the Grail Message becomes cured of the deadly wrong opinions. Adherents of the Grail Message, however, must follow the injunctions of the Author, Abd-ru-shin, to the effect that they must not influence, cajole, coerce, and lobby persons to examine the Grail Message. Each individual must be left to exercise a free choice in this regard,” Unegbe stresses, adding: “Cult, cultism, mysticism and all such terms are firstly misunderstood and do not have any place with the Grail Message. Those who promote such labels and seek to attach it to the Grail Message are afraid that the liberating knowledge offered to humanity through the Grail Message would reduce the flock of blind followers of their doctrinal and dogmatic teachings.”

One-Stop Stay Over?

So, if you are a Crossbearer, paying Grailland a visit on your next trip to Lagos or even for a dedicated stay either for spiritual contemplation or some other private or creative endeavours like writing books, may not be a bad idea. And the reward wouldn’t just be in, perhaps, the pleasure of getting the best available treat anywhere ever, but also in the blessing of supporting the continuous efforts by the leadership at adding ever new facilities towards maintenance and upgrade of this spiritual fortress, more or less your and my second home.

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For non-adherents, particularly Truth seekers, it is a rare chance to  gain further education about  the  Truth and connect with the culture, character and spirituality of this group. But such a person will require strong recommendation from an associate who is a Crossbearer to enjoy the same privilege.

Restricted Areas

Yet there are places on the premises to which strangers are not permitted access.

This restriction, however, is partly for security reasons and, as Unegbe further explains, to preserve the sanctity of certain important holy monuments notably the Place of Worship against possible desecration. His words: “Access to some sections of Grailland is restricted because of the sacredness with which we hold Grailland. It is a place dedicated to the sacred worship of God and not a tourist destination meant for earthly acclaim. The gateway to enter those restricted areas is in thorough examination of the Grail Message. That would imbue the person with the necessary understanding of the reverence due to the Almighty Creator. There is absolutely nothing to hide in the sense of something mysterious or uncanny.”


Grailland is safe and has hardly recorded any incident of security breach. There is a multi-layered security arrangement including installations and deployment of gadgets, efficient personnel and vehicles for foot and motorized patrol 24/7. Alert, strict but courteous security guards man all the entrances leading into the estate and screen motorists and their vehicles entering the premises.

So, when should the reception desk expect you?


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