Graphoanalysis of Wole Soyinka’s signature


By Ben Ezeohagwu

Signature of Wole Soyinka, as posted (on the Internet)  by Rafal Gadomski

No doubt, Wole Soyinka is one of the most influential African writers of this century; he’s the first African Nobel laureate (awarded 1986), as well as a notable Nigerian Political activist, who has made resounding contributions to Nigeria and her Politics, among others.

In this brief treatise, efforts are made to dissect him through the analysis of his signature features, and how all these resultantly reveal the manner of man he is. This is achieved through the field of Graphology (Graphoanalysis).

Graphology (Graphoanalysis) according to Ezeohagwu (2018), Graphoalysis is: the “Scientific tool and system of examining of handwriting (script), drawing or autograph (signature) specimen as medium for ascertaining human personality traits and behavioural pattern”.

This psycholinguistic science (Graphoanalysis) which has been researched as early as Seventeenth Century in developed countries of the world (Craze, 1994); Wole Soyinka’s personality traits are elaborately vividly revealed through the medium of his signature features.

How did I obtain his signature? This was obtained simply through my surfing  the internet on the title: “Picture and signature of Wole Soyinka  –  as posted by Picasa. Author:  Rafal Gadomski”, among other internet site sources, which in all of them constantly maintain the same signature tone features; and as useful for my research on the personality traits of Wole Soyinka.

His signature under graphological holistic analysis reveals a signature type that is abstractly richly encoded and inscribed with the words of his name (Wole Soyinka), which is full of human positively strong personality traits. It really takes insightfully graphological eyes to discern that his signature reveals an abstractly symbolic code of his name “Wole Soyinka”.

From graphological point of view as opined by Richard Craze (1994) in his book:”Graphology for Beginners” and also Robert Holder (1969)  in his book: “You can Analyze Handwriting”;as well as in principles outlined in onigraffiks Graphoanalysis  literature (1991), the following facts and research findings are deduced from his signature features analysis: the abstractly inscribed obscurely encoded signature of Wole Soyinka,which depicts his name reveals him as: sanely eccentric and intellectual; genuinely enigmatic and extraordinary, controversial, critical and activistic individual.

His signature is also big, bold and manifests heavily thick pressure texture, which means he is ambitious, courageous, optimistic, optimally extroverted, healthy, lively, artistic, enthusiastic, frank, critical, creative and strong-minded.

However, his signature exhibits slantingly ascending divergently double right-hand-opened linear underscore strokes, which means he has justifiable and healthy self-esteem and sense of values; firm and determined; strong-minded, optimistic, ambitious, full of zeal and energy; bright, ingenious; knowing how and when to take initiative, and rather severely critical and blunt towards any oppressively depressing views, institutions, policies and individuals; adaptable and capable of influencing others legitimately.

His signature starts with a thickly heavy beginning stroke that leads through the end stroke, which means he is a good starter and a good finisher of whatever project(s) he’s passionately involved in; and this signature also expresses a uniform pressure texture, which means he is consistent and focused on whatever project(s) he’s convinced about.

He depicts in his signature a fairly vertically slanted stroke, fairly left-slanted strokes and fairly forward-slanted stroke, which means he is broad-mindedly creatively developed.

The ascending line of his signature denotes he’s a visionary and ambitious; his signature manifests curve strokes which denote he’s sympathetic, aesthetic, amiable and broad-minded.

The signature also exhibits a pre-diacritic inverted comma (mark) which denotes that he is cultured, articulate, cultural, expressive, sensible and sane(ly).

In conclusion, no doubt, he is such an awesomely amiable personality, who is firm and determined, critical and blunt, lively and healthy, cultured and cultural, artistic and creative , sensible and sanely, ambitious, broad-minded, courageous, optimistic, focused and consistent in his views and policies.

He is a visionary, in that his thoughts and views tend above the ordinary, which to a large extent make him obscure and eccentric to the average eyes, remarkable, extraordinary, controversial, enigmatic and activistic.

If his personality type was born and raised in a more developed climes or nations of the world where there is effective governance and healthy policies, he would have made more resounding contributions and sustained further inventions and innovations than what he has made up till now in Nigeria.

However, we need more of Wole Soyinka’s personality type in Nigeria to reduce the level of poverty, corruption and crimes by contributing further towards sane policies that provide better opportunities, human developmentally-friendly-prone-environment and governance that engender  further upliftment of  Nigeria and her peoples and cultures, through his constantly watchfully engaging roles and contributions.

  • Ben Ezeohagwu is Chancellor and Professor of Graphonomy, African American University, Porto-Novo, Republic of Benin (+234)8173175540; E-mail:

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