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The Radiance, an independent and influential online newspaper, is out to be the preference of all discerning newspaper readers who care for quality, objectivity, fairness, accuracy, balance and truth.

We pledge to seriously report all issues of public interest refreshingly and truthfully as we observe the golden ethics of Journalism. We will always strive to be impartial in our endeavours to disseminate news and information that would educate, inform and entertain our esteemed readers.

We are convinced that we would not, for whatever reasons, consciously harm our fellow men, either in thoughts, words or deeds, in the pursuit of our personal wishes or desires. Hence, we will strive to be accurate, fair, objective, balanced and truthful in all our reports.

The Radiance will offer a liberal platform for reporting, presentation and discussion of facts, events, issues and ideas, as well as be a frontline promoter of the cherished tenets of our noble profession.

In an up-building manner, we would give prominent attention to the coverage of public and private sector activities at all levels; and report local, national and international issues and events dispassionately without recourse to racial, ethnic or religious sentiments.

The Radiance would work vigorously to direct the attention of the peoples of our great Country, Nigeria, either in or outside government, or in the diaspora, away from those base values which had caged, tortured and tormented us, and retarded our progress as a nation state for several years, to ennobling aspirations and development initiatives that are worthy of true human beings. We would stimulate in our peoples genuine yearnings for only that which is positive and good, as their only guarantee for true happiness, security and peace.

We would vigorously promote industry and enterprise, as we dedicate ourselves to running stories that would galvanise the talents, energies and fabulous resources that abound in our peoples and land for productive and up-building economic activities.

We will heal wounds, mend broken bridges, build new ones, and promote peace and harmony among our peoples, between them and their neighbours and other peoples elsewhere on earth. We will vigorously defend, protect and promote that which is good.

Gladly, we will join hands with individuals and bodies here at home and abroad, who share our vision of rebuilding Nigeria, and indeed the entire world into a haven of peace.

Nevertheless, we owe no allegiance to any political party, government, group or body, persons or individuals, anywhere in and outside our country. We simply live to serve.

An unrepentant advocate of true love, understanding and peace, indeed of a new up-building, this newspaper will encourage our peoples, as well as the entire mankind, to cast their gaze upwards to the heights, as we strive to stand in duty as a radiance of the Truth.

Banji Ayoola

MD/CEO: Banji Ayoola,
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The Radiance

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