The Poet's Corner

When life seems so hard and sour

You only need to hold on tight.

Show your Lord a little faith,

And when you think that all is lost,

Brace up for a pleasant pack,

For good comes when you least expect!


Life is full of ups and downs:

You can’t stay put but keep a-move –

So now you’re up and then you’re down.

But always show some contentment,

Trust your Lord and don’t complain

Lest you’ve no time to thank and praise!


Life is nothing but a school:

You learn to laugh, sometimes you cry.

Share with others and lead them on

But never dare you block their way,

For there’s a place for everyone

And what you do the price is yours!


Go through life as best you could

And do not turn it to a waste.

Know that once you die it’s done –

The name you made is what you leave,

And only go with what you learnt

To face another life beyond!


– Victor Emmanuel Uwah, Poems From Without, 1997

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