On natural supplements


It’s a new day in Medicine. People everywhere are seeking the best way to stay more healthy, and beyond all, full of energy. Just in time, a new paradigm of knowledge has emerged from a branch of healthcare called “Integrated Medicine.”

This branch of Medicine seeks to apply more natural considerations to our wellness; such as healthy living, right dieting, good exercise, and stress reduction. All in order to keep the whole person healthy and vigorous. There is a lot of fascinating news in these areas that everyone can apply, with little or no inconvenience to their daily routines.

In fact, I believe that God provided the world with everything needed to keep us free from disease and keep our immune systems strong.

Emergency medical treatment is very important but I believe health providing natural antidotes provide more life changing benefits.

Studies are confirming the healing power of natural supplements made from fruits, vegetables and herbs and the use of essential oils. These natural remedies date back to biblical times.

Today, thousands and thousands of people testify that they have stayed out of doctors’ offices and stopped using synthetic drugs completely just by adding supplements and essential oils to their daily routines.

The truth is that everything our body requires is already present in our foods, but the question is: are we eating real healthy foods or we are consuming mostly processed and denatured foods?

Most of us are guilty of just eating to satiate our hunger, rather than eating to really nourish our body. This is where the need for supplementation comes in.

When we advocate for supplements, we are not promoting the laboratory synthesized vitamins and minerals that the body doesn’t absorb anyway. We are talking about the products of Nature: fruits, herbs, essences, etc, all made in modern ways for easy packaging and consumption.

It is such products that point to the advantages man can enjoy when Science respects Nature and a synergy is thus formed.

I’m glad to inform all that my Alternative/ Complementary Health Centre is already in partnership with some friends based in Germany, who are representatives of a Nature-friendly company ( in Germany) that manufactures different supplements using highly potent and efficacious fruits, leaves, flowers and other nature ingredients.

For instance, they now have Graviola fruits concentrated, dried, powdered and made into capsule forms. Same thing goes for the very useful Saw Palmetto,(the number one herb in the treatment of enlarged prostate) which also is made into concentrated capsule forms.

Same thing goes for another product made from epimedium extract, panax ginseng, schisandra, raspberry powder, goji berry. All of which are highly potent natural ingredients for correcting erectile dysfunction in men, especially when caused by middle life crisis(andropause), with the accompanying loss of testosterone.


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