One who serves no longer belongs to himself


By Banji Ayoola

Once a man decides to live a completely new life, he becomes a different person and everything about him changes.
With this, it is the Holy Will of the Only One Who he serves Which works henceforth and should take the lead in everything concerning him, in all he intuits, thinks and does.

Everything about him, his life becomes programmed and keyed into the Plan, Decision or Will of This Mighty Mechanism. Provided he is not lukewarm or flagging in his striving and working energetically and honestly to serve genuinely. Provided he is earnest and true.

He no longer belongs to himself or to any other power on earth or anywhere else in or outside Creation. He belongs exclusively to the Light Which alone he is to serve strictly henceforth. As such he is living a programmed life or existence henceforth. And all the forces, all the streaming powers in Creation will work together and cooperate to support and help him. Provided he does not stray away from the path that leads him upwards to the luminous heights.

Know it that it is the Great Wisdom of the Most High that rules and is at work. And the fulfillment of his wishes even in purely earthly matters to facilitate his existence on earth and serving will come to pass. Not as he wants or at the time he desires. But at the time and in a manner determined exclusively by This Mighty Mechanism.

Unwavering commitment, dedication to true service, a volition for the good which is always energetically active in voluntary loyal striving to serve is the only way thereto. Thus he is to be active always in the good volition to serve. And it will be as if he is being carried along on an invisible roller coaster manned by equally invisible powers as regards fulfillment of his wishes which in the first instance are produced and motivated by good volition. And everything good which he needs will flow to him in rich abundance. Be it material or spiritual.

In addition, many secrets of and in Creation which are closed to most of his fellow human beings, and which hitherto were held up or closed to him will be made accessible to him. In other words, Creation will open Its doors further unto the true servant. And he will be inducted into and richly endowed with a higher Knowledge that is uncommon. He then becomes a trustee of higher powers in whom can be confided many lofty secrets. This then increases his responsibility.

For you he is to use these new endowments only to serve selflessly, responsibly, gratefully, humbly and loyally. Now all selfish desires must have departed from him; as naturally he now swings only in loving giving and serving, in selflessness. Only in the Good. And Good will naturally flow towards him.

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