Oyo PDP, APC trade words over state of economy, others

Oyo State Politics
  • PDP says opposition not campaigning, planning vote-buying

The major opposition in Oyo State, the All Progressives Congress (APC), has accused the Governor Seyi Makinde-led administration of being responsible for colossal damages to key sectors of the state’s economy, saying that the party should not be re-elected.

Its lamentation came against the backdrop of a video clip, which went viral on the social media wherein a female teacher and her male colleague were chanting a PDP campaign song to pupils of a public primary school.

In the video, the female teacher, who adorned a fez cap customised for the re-election campaign of Makinde, was caught telling the minors to master the vote-for-PDP song and relay it to their parents at home.

In a statement, the APC Publicity Secretary, Olawale Sadare, urged all stakeholders to rise up and condemn what it described as “height of impunity, insensitivity and lawlessness being displayed by the administration and its agents across the state.”

But in a swift response, the PDP lampooned APC and Accord Party (AP), saying both parties have failed to campaign ahead of the gubernatorial election to tell the world what their plans are.

The PDP Publicity Secretary, Akeem Olatunji, in a statement, accused the APC and AP of planning vote-buying, saying this is the reason they are not campaigning.

“Even though there have been rife speculations around town on what the opposition parties and their candidates are gearing up to do at the polls, which is vote-buying. Such deliberate refusal to campaign only confirms such speculations to be true,” the statement stated.

The ruling party, therefore, urged the electorate to become more vigilant and be watchful with eagle eyes, especially on the presidential and governorship election days.

It said: “Even though Makinde’s unprecedented sector by sector achievements in less than four years have been touted to be significant enough to pass for a no contest election year in favour of the incumbent, the governor and his campaign team have continued to undergo the rigours of taking the message of accelerated and sustainable developments to every nook and cranny of the state.”

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