P-Square reunite after 10 years

Paul and Peter popularly known as P-square have spoken to the media for the first time in almost ten years. The duo shared their passion for football, and also reveal plans for their first album after years of separation.

The award-winning Nigerian musical duo, reveal this to CNN and gave reasons why they abandoned their dreams of becoming professional footballers.

Growing up in Jos, Plateau State, the twins aspired to become football stars, with Peter even playing alongside Mikel Obi at Pepsi Academy.

However, Paul gave up on his goal of becoming a goalkeeper due to his age. Paul said, “We played football. Peter played with Mikel [Obi] at Pepsi Academy. I was a keeper, but I gave up because I could tell age was coming.

But then Nigeria won this football, Atlanta Olympic 96′ I think. Their interest in football was rekindled when Nigeria won the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, and they were inspired by the rewards given to the footballers by the then-president.

However Peter believes entertainment and music precisely will take him to greater places around the world, and so it was time for him to leave being local. “But remember, at the same time we were having this situation whereby I was playing for Pepsi Academy. So, if we were trying to wear boots, and I’m like, ‘I’m gonna remain local. Entertainment is about to take me internationally.’

However, Peter knew that entertainment was his calling, and he decided to focus on music instead. He acknowledged that if he had pursued football, he would have retired by now, but music has allowed them to continue their career for over five years.

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