Thank the Lord for everything and move on, a better human being


By Banji Ayoola

It must be nothing but Love when in His Mercy, the Lord permits us to go through certain experiences, though painful, yet help us to discharge, and live off some guilt clinging to us.

When we are permitted to cross the paths once again here on earth of people, who might have been victims of wrongs, of injustice from us sometime in the past.

Those we might have, in our ignorance, treated unjustly and unfairly, those on who we might have inflicted pain and suffering, who we might have harmed in our prosperous times sometime in our past earth-lives.

Now to settle accounts, experience pains and suffering too in reciprocal return to cleanse us of some errors, free us from certain guilt that had been clinging to us, that had overburdened us from the past, clear off some obstacles, thorns, thistles, spikes and broken bottles, briars on our path.

Now to live off some past errors or guilt, redeem some of them which had held us down, become free of them and move on.

And out of our painful experience, we are now permitted to recognise that: All those we had treated unjustly, who we had harmed sometime in the past, shall be brought across our path, or we shall be brought across their paths once again one by one.

To settle accounts; absorb and reconcile ourself with the Supreme Holy Will. From Which we had ignorantly strayed off.

So, we should thank the Lord for everything and move on, a better human being, who will henceforth strive to stand, live and work in His Almighty Holy Will.

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