The best things

The Poet's Corner

By Victor Emmanuel Uwah

If Christ were to be for money sold,
His price would have been much more than gold,
That if few men could afford to buy
Most would in their sins and darkness die.

But God in His Omniscience had known
That if men must for their sins atone,
He had to freely give out His Son
Then salvation can for all be won.

If the air we breathe were to be priced
Most men would have sadly realised
That it is out also of their reach
But just available to the rich.

But the Giver of that air was wise
Enough to give it without a price
So that everyone can have a share
Sufficient to last throughout the year.

If water too were to be for sale
Then most men could not themselves avail
Of this world’s ample water supply
Since they would not be able to buy.

But water is freely given all –
Enough for the poor, rich, great and small –
So that out of lack none could complain
Or for poverty from it abstain.

If the sun too were to shed its light
Only on those who have wealth and might,
How dark the whole world would then have been –
Since most men are with resources lean.

But God’s own benevolent design
Makes the sun on everyone to shine,
That without having for it to pay
All could freely see the light of day.

If the children with which we are bless’d
Were for those who could on them invest,
Then would most men have been barren left
While some to have would resort to theft.

But that He preserves the human race,
God gives children freely in His Grace
To everyone, whether rich or poor,
Who has not closed against them the door.

If love, the greatest of every gift,
Which can alone every soul uplift,
Were reserved for only those with means
Then would it have been forgotten since.

But every man can make love his own,
That he need not go through life alone,
As well as find a reason to live…
Once himself can also freely give.

The best things we have in life are free
And it is in this we have the key
To knowing those things we really need
And those that only our ego feed.


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