The happenings of the times


By Banji Ayoola

The happenings of the times characterized by worsening economic hardship, galloping inflation, assassinations, horrible killings and massacres, air, and road crashes claiming many lives, increasing unusual weather conditions, a rise in the occurrence of natural disasters, and the unusual upsurge in strange diseases among other horrors afflicting mankind today at an alarming frequency virtually everywhere on earth, are definitely beyond the ordinary.

And there is an urgent need for a new approach if we want to help ourselves.

Human opinion is out of the question, because these happenings of the times are beyond the solutions arising from the usual human opinions that we have been used to for ages, and that all along have failed us, have proved incompetent to help us out of the confusion and crises that we caused. And they will continue to complicate the crises further and aggravate the confusion.

The hardships arose from the new power of the Light being poured on earth. This sparks off the upsurge in the flaring up of all the hitherto hidden characteristics of all the human souls on earth whether pure or impure.

This also triggers the sudden awakening of all that is dead or without movement in human beings everywhere on earth, all that does not swing with the Laws wherever they hide, now to pass judgment on itself, to be strengthened or annihilated in the ongoing compulsory purification of the earth for rebirth.

Gradually, the entire mankind and the earth are being led to the point where everything in existence swings voluntarily with the Laws. But at every point in this gradual movement toward the ideal, each country on earth will have the leaders it deserves determined by the general inner development and striving of its people(s).

What one perceives to be true is that these happenings of the times are urging mankind lovingly to humble ourselves, and seek new knowledge; from which alone we could be granted a higher understanding of the unusual happenings; and readjust ourselves to the perfect Natural Laws, Which now are at work on earth as being manifested in these happenings of the times.

Eventually, every country permitted to exist on earth after the ongoing purification shall become a part of a new earth which shall be a new realm, the radiant Kingdom flourishing in the perfect, incorruptible Natural Laws expressing the Holy Will of the Almighty Father.

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