The successful woman!

The Poet's Corner

By Charles Ayo Dada

In many circles
And for reasons perplexing and inexplicable
It is said
That many are the men
Who are intimidated by “successful” women.

Pray tell, who is the successful woman?
What does she radiate, embody, and represent?

Would you deem her successful based on her material worth
Her position at work
Her professional qualifications
Or whether she be happily married
And has children of her own?

Amidst a tumult of voices and unfolding vistas,
I ask the Universe once again,
Who really is the successful woman?

And the question is blown far and wide into the winds
To gather the needed answers …

Who really is the successful woman
Other than that radiant bloom
Who in bringing her genuine female characteristics to the fore
Succeeds in getting the man
To honour, uphold, and to respect her.

And who by virtue of her purity, faithfulness and “priestessness”
Naturally convinces the man
To concede the headship of the home to her …

The home!
From which the whole of society is moulded!

The home!
From which warriors, leaders, presidents, kings and queens are groomed!

The home!
The first school a man enrolls in
And again the last
From which again he quietly departs
Under the tutelage of the “woman” …

Tell me
Does she not then in truth
lead the world?

Who then is this successful woman
Other than this adorable queen who draws down currents of light
From the Luminous Heights!
Who is able to inspire the man on to deeds of selflessness, nobility, and heroism!

Do her wishes and desires
Not in truth
Provide the direction the masculine folk gravitate towards?

No man can be intimidated by the genuine woman;
Who by virtue of her subtlety and essence
Penetrates into his fiery being                                                                                                                                                        And fuels his desire for everything honourable and beautiful.

Verily it must be stated,
If the success of a woman is to be assessed by material worth
Then all of mankind should be considered lost!

And neither should she be the seductress,
Or temptress
Who calculating, unfeeling and shameless
Cold-heartedly gives herself to the highest bidder
… The money spinner!

For her being is not fashioned for acquisitiveness
Or lovelessness!

Nor is it fashioned for coarse male activity!

She is priestess!


She attracts the attention, affection, and protection of that man
Who values her high calling
And sees in her a jewel
Of inestimable worth …

She is the nurturer
Who will feed their souls with spiritual manna …
She will strengthen the whole of mankind
In the glorious task
Of bringing the Kingdom of Heaven down to the earth!

She is the scintillating fragrance that perfumes the valleys and the mountains.
She is the rivulet that waters the roots of the gigantic Iroko tree.
She is the wind that feeds the raging fires and the rain that also quenches it.
She is the poetry of the hunters and warriors whose legends will never die.
She is the mother to her children, her husband, and the entire peoples around her.
She is the candle that lights up the darkest crevices in the deep of the night.
She is the healer who soothes with her kind and loving words.
She is the caregiver assigned to take care of weak, sick, and ailing bodies.
She is the nourisher of the physical body and of the various other cloaks.
She is the queen, who in her pristine mannerism, performs her tasks unseen.
She is the guardian of the flame of Holy longing!
She is the dispenser of the light from heavenly streams above.
She is the God-Willed woman!

The successful woman is an embodiment of virtue
And a paragon of beauty.
She does not strive in an outward manner
But seeks to perform her high tasks quietly.

Without her fuel
The mighty turbine engines cannot run!

Without her music
The cultural festivals are lifeless without colouration.

She is both a pillar and a fortress
And her home is impregnable
Protected by powerful currents!

She is regally poised atop a lighthouse of great splendor
Praying …
Watching …
Seeing ..
Guiding …

A fusion of light of the most lustrous colours!
A cascading waterfall of the purest essence!
A rainbow spreading her wings majestically across the clear blue sky.
A harp played upon with the sweetest cadence!

Oh woman!
Recognize your true beauty!

You were granted to mankind as a gift from above
And by simply giving of your being
You elevate and ennoble the world!



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