To Angela, the light of my life

By Victor Emmanuel Uwah

I will bless my soul over and again,

That my life on earth has not been in vain.

I’d been rejected and a friend to none,

But soon my days of loneliness were gone

Since that day you said you would be my wife,

And that together we will make our life.

I knew not what I did to earn your grace,

But still I had such favour to embrace.

The word you gave when you were yet a youth,

With passing years has proved to be the truth.

In stormy weathers, also in the calm,

Unchanged you were and always been my balm.

It took not long for me to know you right –

Angela, you are angel of the Light:

A name once veiled to keep you back from me,

Or perhaps, too, to prove if I could see

The mighty hand of the Lord in His Love

Who sent you down to help me from above.

Angela, fairest of all daughters fair,

Your qualities I can to none compare;

Still you came to wed a mortal being

Although my frail human nature seeing.

You left behind the splendour of your Height

And came to earth to fill my life with light.

Should I write on your virtues and looks,

I’d fill the pages of the loveliest books.

You are faithful, hardworking, kind and true,

Compassionate, diligent, patient too.

Motherly, tolerant, devoted mate,

Sincerely, you’re beyond what I can state.

Your beauty is exquisite, daintiest dame –

It testifies of the Height whence you came.

Just as with words, you pick your steps with care,

And your smiling lips their joy always share.

Your neatness, cleanliness, I can’t resist;

On simplicity you do e’er insist.

I recall that fateful Day of the Ring

When you were sealed my Queen and I your King…

That solemn hour our hearts melted like ice

And momentous tears welled up in our eyes:

We made our pledge and out our souls we poured

Before the Lord Whose guidance was assured.

But look at me – how oft I went astray,

Your trust in me how much I did betray!

Tears of pain I often caused you to shed,

And I desecrated our nuptial bed.

Although I thus fell in transgressions deep,

You always had your faithfulness to keep.

Angel of Light, you’re more than I deserve!

May the Lord forever your crown preserve!

But now I come with a repenting heart –

No longer from our pledge will I depart.

Those pains I caused I wish I could repay

To justify your choice with me to stay.

A good wife, as said, is a blessed gift:

In the filth she will not let her husband drift.

Ann, to me you are a good wife and more –

Not only did you guide my feet from sore,

But sought with superhuman strength and might

To clear such filth away and out of sight.

May the good Lord bless the fruits of your womb

Even long after you’ve been in your tomb.

May He help that you should your goal achieve,

And in the end from earth your soul retrieve.

But when you’re gone and left all cares behind,

My faithless ways don’t hold them in your mind.

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